Friday, September 27, 2013

Anthony's 6th Birthday

 Ava loves holding her comfort friend, Ellie. When she was a baby, we only gave it to her to help her sleep. She would rub her tail and sooth herself to sleep. Now she is very attached to Ellie, and she goes almost everywhere with her.
 Anthony turned 6 a couple weeks before school ended. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon to have a party in our back yard. He invited 6 friends from school and two neighbour boys. They had fun and settled down once Ed got some games going. But, at first they were all way too excited and loud, it was crazy.
 He was excited to get lots of nice gifts. The kids loved the treasure hunt I planned. I was too busy to take any pictures of it.
 The Big Birthday Boy turns SIX!!!!
This was in the spring, he starting biking with his training wheels. He had his bike for a while, but he never got a lot of practice, because we lived on a busy street. Now, we go out almost each day, and he is getting good. Around the end of July we took off his training wheels. I should try to get that on video.

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